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on Movies

La Haine

I've been sick this weekend so I've been looking for a good movie to watch when I stumbled across La Haine in my hard drive. I meant to watch it a while ago then forgot all about it. The movie tells the aftermath of a riot that ends with the
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on Technology

Trove - Automated Personalized Newsfeed

It's the information era, so staying up to date with news is no longer trivial. Good news is that you can be always connected through your phone and there's a plethora of apps that let you do that. My news reader of choice historically was Google Reader, and with its
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on Technology, Art

iPad Air Ad - Poetry

Another amazing commercial by Apple. Following in the footsteps of 1984 ad, this new one advertizes none of the new iPad features, but the varied and creative uses people found for it. I know they're just trying to sell more, but in world where every other ad is "WE ARE
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on Transhumanism

Brain Boosting

My friends know by now that I am an enthusiastic transhumanist - and they are probably tired of it too. So when I stumbled about this article on The Ethics of Brain Boosting, I instantly got fired up. In short, the article presents the results of an experiment that uses
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on Programming, Movies

Movie Code

How I wish I could track criminals with Visual Basic GUIs... But alas, it's kind of hard. And while I don't expect movies to have accurate code in their shots, it's hilarious to look at the source sometimes. I found moviecode.tumblr.com through this gizmodo article. One notable screenshot
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